Alcohol and Other Drugs

AODA Learning Modules

Over the years the Wisconsin Safe & Healthy Schools Center has noticed a decline in the number of schools providing professional development for staff on alcohol and other drug abuse and prevention.  Yet we know that use among students has not gone away, nor has the effect on student behavior and academic performance.  For this reason the WISH Center has developed videos on AODA warning signs and family dynamics of substance abuse.  We encourage you to use them for school in-services or initial educator learning.  Special thanks to Cornerstone Productions and the Supporting Player Troupe from New Holstein for contributing to this project.

View the videos online or in a group.  Talk with administrators and colleagues about what happens next and how to intervene with students.  Find and share local resources that are available to help.

Module 1: Warning Signs

Handout: Warning Signs & Resources

Handout: Teens Alcohol & Other Drugs

Discussion Guide

Module 1: Warning Signs

Module 2: Family Dynamics

Handout: Continuum of Alcohol Problems

Handout: Family Dynamics of Alcohol and Other Drugs

Discussion Guide

Module 2: Family Dynamics

Alcohol and Other Drug Information


Prescription Drug Abuse

  • Dose of Reality, Wisconsin's Prescription Drug Prevention Campaign
  • Stop Medicine Abuse, a prevention campaign addressing the problem of teen abuse of over-the-counter (OTC) cough medicines containing dextromethorphan (DXM).

Subsance Abuse & Addiction (Multiple Drugs)

Marijuana (See Marijuana Resource Page)

Tobacco (See Tobacco Resource Page)

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