Mental Health Tools

Wisconsin School Mental Health Framework

  • Provides guidance to build and strengthen a comprehensive school mental health system
  • Focuses on preK-12 schooling
  • Links with the Systems of Care philosophy

Wisconsin DPI's School Mental Health Webpage has several other resources:

Accessing Mental Health Services Template (Download)

Mental health issues seem to be coming to school at earlier ages and are more complex and concerning.  A team approach to services for youth is always the best option.  Schools can’t do it alone, but are often asked to provide services or information for services until a child can be seen by a therapist. Bring together your community services to complete the attached template and develop a better understanding of the services in your community.

The Accessing mental Health Services template (developed by Fond du Lac School District, CSI) is a brief tool that may help parents, and schools staff who have a concern about a child’s mental health or social, emotional or behavioral development.  It is designed to provide a simple step by step decision making process to determine possible services.

You will need to modify the template to fit your school district.  For instance, the bottom of the front page is a great place to put your district’s philosophy and logo.  The inside two pages need to have all your specific contacts and numbers listed.  A descriptor of the 24/7 crisis line and contact number(s) along with all mental health providers especially those who have a sliding scale for payment.

The back page is the schools based contacts.  If you have an approved mental health screening policy and program, that is what is described in the box at the far left ”---is a mental health check up available…” – if not eliminate that information box and arrow!

If you have questions, feel free to contact Jackie Schoening at CESA 6, Phone: 920-236-0515.


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